Wall art can be used as a welcoming environment for customers, it can promote your company brand or form a connection with potential customers. It can also be used as a motivational tool for staff and effectively show off your brand to visitors.


Here at Doodle Signs we understand the value of your business and the impact that advertising has when attracting the right customer, having the right imagery will boost staff morale and increase work proficiency and wall art is one of the most effective ways of achieving this,.


With so many images available on the internet today anybody can obtain something to brighten up the office, we believe that you and your company are unique so why not let us provide custom artwork that’s relevant and perfect for your business?


In order to create the perfect wall art for you it is essential we visit you offices and meet with you face to face, on this visit we will conduct a full site survey ensuring that we have accurate measurements and plan which areas would work best.


We will ask you in depth questions in order to fully understand your company, its values and what inspires your team. Using the information we gather we will put our thinking caps on and design some visuals these will be as unique as your company.

Wall art can effectively express your message and reflect your values as a company, show how you can help potential customers and offers an informative view of what happens there on a day to day basis.

We can ensure your wall art is sending the exact message you want.

Attractive and powerful wall art can effectively give customers an understanding if you are the right company for them. It means that you are less likely to attract the wrong customer and less likely to attract the wrong employee.


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